Alone at PCA
Season 4, Episode 3
Production Information

David Kendall


Ethan Banville

Prod code



February 3, 2008

Episode Chronology

Fake Roommate


Rumor of Love

Alone at PCA is the third episode in Season 4 and the 55th overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. The episode aired on February 3, 2008.


The gang must stay on campus over spring break when the trip to Yosemite is cancelled. Stacey is waiting at PCA for her parents to pick her up to go skiing but they are four days late. Dean Rivers' golf trophy gets smashed and he assumes it was Michael and Logan so he puts them under dorm arrest. Zoey and the girls set out to find the real culprit, who turns out to be the groundsman Seamus Finnigan, a former classmate and fellow golf rival of Dean Rivers who believed that Dean Rivers did not deserve the trophy.

Episode Trivia

  • Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks) did not appear in this episode.
  • This is the first episode that doesn't have any reminiscence or after mention of Chase.
  • This is the first time someone used the word "gravy" regarding looks. The second time is in "Quinn Misses The Mark."
  • Logan and Michael's room guards remain only in the door when the two can go out the window of the room.
  • Dean Rivers' fight with Finnegan is a reference to Captain Kirk's fight with Finnegan (same name) in the Star Trek episode "Shore Leave".
  • Before turning on the leafblower, Seamus says "Say hello to my wee friend!", a reference to the line, "Say hello to my little friend!" in Scarface.





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