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Biological Information
Full name





December 26th, 1958

Background Information

Reese Household's Butler

First EP

Spring Break-Up

Last EP

Logan Gets Cut Off


He was never seen again.


Ronnie Sperling

Chauncy is the butler that works at Logan's dad's house. Despite his manner, he can be shown to be a bit strict. He also has a knack for identifying whether or not a coin is real. He apparently wasn't a big fan of technology.

Role In Spring Break-Up

Chauncy's role in Spring Break-Up was to serve everyone at what they wanted when they were at Logan's Dad's House.

Role in Logan Gets Cut Off

Chauncy's role in Logan Gets Cut Off was giving the value of the coin that Logan bought from Firewire. Chauncy also came to cut Logan's credit card in half. He was also seen doing Malcom Reese's hair.


Chase Matthews

Chauncy & Chase met when Chase was watching TV on the couch. in Spring Break-Up. Chauncy said, "Can I get you anything, Mr. Chase." Chase then said, "No, Thanks"

Malcom Reese

Chauncy is Malcom Reese's Butler. It didn't say how they met, though.

Logan Reese

At the beginning of Spring Break-Up, when they got to Malcom's house, Logan punched Chauncy lightly in the chest as a sign of friendship.

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