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Chuck Javers




April 9th, 1989

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He was never seen again


Danny Bates

Chuck Javers is a minor character appearing in the third season of Zoey 101, during the episode, Wrestling. He is a wrestler, and is also very strong and muscular, able to beat apparently virtually everyone at wrestling. He entered in a wrestling tournament, winning all of his matches, his last opponent being a defeated Zoey Brooks.

Character history


Chuck is shown to be very bold, vicious, daring, and brash. He cares very much about his reputation, along with winning the wresting tournament that he, Zoey, and several other high school students competed in. He shows no respect to his opponents, slapping Zoey's hand instead of giving her a handshake, for example. He appears to be very insensitive and arrogant, and when he faced Zoey in his match with her, he treated her no differently than any of his other opponents, despite Zoey being a girl. It is shown in a video of one of PCA's old wrestling tournaments that attacked the cameraman for filming him wrestle as well.

After everything that occurred in Wrestling, it could be speculated that Chuck was released from his school's wrestling team, due to how mean and unpleasant he acted around everyone, especially brutally hurting Zoey and Logan.