Coco's cousin
Biological Information


Background Information

Coco Wexler


Amusement park manager
Roller coaster operator


Mystic Mountain

First EP

Paige at PCA

Last EP

Roller Coaster


He was never seen again

Coco's Cousin is Coco's dwarf cousin. He appears in the episodes Roller Coaster and Paige at PCA. He is a manager or worker at Mystic Mountain.

Character History

Season 3

In Paige at PCA, Chase and Logan get fed up with Michael constantly ditching them when they need to finish their project. They decide to play a trick on Michael by making him think he's going crazy. To achieve this, they hire Coco's cousin. Coco's cousin wears a white wedding dress with ruby red slippers and plays a banjo as Michael walks by and says he was taking a fish for a walk. He also appears in a picture with Michael and a big fish that Michael can't remember being taken because it is part of the trick Logan and Chase played on him.

Season 4

In Roller Coaster, he is working at the Spine Twister and asks Michael if he remembered the incident. Michael doesn't want to talk about it because he is kind of embarrassed that happened. Ultimately, Zoey arranges with Coco's cousin for Michael to ride on Mystic Mountain to get over his fear of roller coasters.


  • His name was never officially revealed and he was only known as Coco's cousin.
  • He is the only dwarf character to ever appear on Zoey 101.

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