Confess or Stress is a game that was introduced in Webcam. The game is similar to "Truth or Dare".

How to Play

In order to play Confess or Stress, one must gather with other people, and take turns rolling dice. If the player rolls even, they must confess something that they did that was very embarrassing. If they roll odds, they must do something stressful. Also, the most important rule of all is that nothing that the players say or perform can leave the room the players are in.

Zoey rolling a pair of dice in Confess or Stress


  • Zoey burped in church.
  • Nicole makes a "cute boys' lip chart."
  • Quinn still likes baby food.

Stressful Dares

  • Zoey prank calls her teacher, pretending to be someone with an accent reminding him that he purchased many jars of mustard.

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