Dance Contest
Season 3, Episode 14
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Adam Weissman


Arthur Gradstein

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September 16, 2007

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Dance Contest is the fourteenth episode in Season 3 and the 40th overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. The episode aired on September 16, 2007.


Michael and Logan must help Chase become a wonderful dancer before a dance contest to dance with Zoey. Lola wants to get the main role in a play, but in the meantime, she tricks a British guy to go on a date with her. Also, Michael, Logan and Quinn try to be customer of the week to get free coffee.

Episode Trivia

  • At the beginning of the episode, the dance contest was said to be on Saturday. However, when Lola and Zoey are talking in the lounge, Zoey says the dance contest is on Friday.
  • Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks) did not appear in this episode.
  • By the time this episode aired, all of season 4 had been filmed.
  • This episode, like many other episodes of Zoey 101, does English accents that are completely wrong. Nobody who lives in England sounds posh anymore. These accents existed many years ago but have now died out.
  • When Zoey, Michael and Logan were talking, Michael can be heard singing the theme song to Zoey 101.
  • This episode aired as a part of Nickelodeon's Back to School Bash, along with premieres of Drake & Josh, iCarly, Unfablous, and Just Jordan.
    • The Drake & Josh episode that aired the same night as this episode was also called "Dance Contest."