Fada Model #115 (also known as The Bullet) is a radio that appears in the season 3 episode, The Radio. In the episode, Chase's grandfather gives it to him. Thinking it was useless, Chase sells it to Zoey for $5 and a free-taco coupon, not knowing the object's value ($10,000) at the time he gave it to her. Zoey and the girls find out it's value is between $10,000 and $12,000. After which, Zoey plans to give it back to Chase, however, Chase misinterprets the news and thinks Zoey was planning to keep the radio, and berates Zoey for not giving it back. This makes her mad, so she decides not to give it back. Their argument only gets worse when it expands to include the rest of the gang (except Dustin), with Quinn and Logan taking Zoey's side, and Lola and Michael taking Chase's side.

Late at night, Chase attempts to take the radio back, only to find that Zoey is waiting for him with a pie and shoves it in his face. The gang realizes that their fighting has got to stop, and they decide to settle the argument with mediation, with Mark Del Figgalo as the mediator. Mark decided the radio rightfully belonged to Zoey after hearing both sides of the story. However, feeling guilty about it, Zoey gave it back to Chase like she had planned to do when she had first found out its value, and explained to him that she always meant to do so, and only didn't because she was mad at him. Chase, also feeling guilty about it, decides to split the profit earned from selling the radio with her. Unfortunately, Chase's grandfather takes the radio back after he discovers its value as well.


  • The Fada Model #115 used in the episodes is actually a "FADA Onyx GREEN "Streamliner" Bullet Catalin Bakelite Radio #115" from 1940. The radio may be purchased here for a low price.
  • In the episode, New Roomies, when Nicole went, "Who is it?!", you can see the Fada Model 115 radio on the left side of Dana.

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