Glen Davis
Glen Davis
Biological Information
Full name

Glen Davis




September 18th, 1988

Background Information

Zoey Brooks (dance date)




Pacific Coast Academy

First EP

School Dance

Last EP

School Dance


He was never seen again


Asher Book

Glen Davis was a minor character appearing in season 1 of Zoey 101. He was Zoey's dance partner set up in the episode School Dance. There was a tie in the personality tests, causing Chase and Glen both to get matched up with Zoey. But this was a problem for Chase because he wanted to go to the dance with Zoey because he likes her. Zoey picked Glen because the whole theme of the dance was to meet new people, and she and Chase are already friends.


Chase Matthews

Glen and Chase didn't get along because both of them got paired up with Zoey. They both wanted Zoey to go to the dance with them. Although it can be assumed that Glen and Chase remained enemies, they were never seen interacting after the dance.

Zoey Brooks

Glen was Zoey's dance partner. But Zoey was disappointed when Glen tricked her into being his partner when he stole the same answers from Zoey's personality test.


Zoey met Glen when she and Chase were discussing the dance match-ups. They went to talk to Debra and Todd about the problem, but they said there was a tie. Zoey didn't decide right away, but Chase was disappointed that Zoey picked Glen. It it likely Chase was jealous.


Glen is portrayed by Asher Book.

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