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Goodbye Zoey

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Goodbye Zoey


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Madison Riley

Gretchen is a minor character appearing in season 3 of Zoey 101. She acted as Chase's "Zoey replacement", and was only seen in "Goodbye Zoey". Lola, Quinn, Michael, and Logan all hated her. Chase hung out with her to get his mind off Zoey and also because of their similar appearance, since Zoey left PCA. She was portrayed by Madison Riley.

Gretchen is seen doing various disgusting things, including digging in her nose, scratching her armpits, spitting, and popping her zits at lunch. Also, she randomly takes a bite out of Quinn's apple, grossing out Lola, Quinn, Michael, and Logan, but Chase does not seem to notice. Wanting to believe her to be just like Zoey, he eventually admits the truth that he misses Zoey and is in love with her, too.

Despite the similar appearances, Gretchen and Zoey are exact opposites.

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