Jet X
Season 1, Episode 6
Production Information

Savage Steve Holland


Eric Friedman

Prod code



February 13, 2005

Episode Chronology

Prank Week


The Play

Jet X is the sixth episode in Season 1 and the sixth overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series Zoey 101. The episode aired on February 13, 2005.


Zoey, Nicole and Dana are always over-sleeping and are late to class. Fortunately, Mr. Bender's friend, Jake Savage, offers the girls the chance to win a free Jet X. All they have to do is team up and create a Jet X commercial that Jake will judge, the winner having their commercial put on the air one hundred times. While Logan and his team, mostly Logan, work on their commercial with fancy video equipment and famous actors, Zoey and her team decide that the content of the commercial is more important than how much money is put into it. Now the test is to see which is better, a commercial made with lots of money, or a commercial that relates to teens and helps describe what the Jet X is all about.

Episode Trivia

  • When Zoey, Nicole and Dana are getting ready to go to class, the chorus for the music "Permanent Midnight by Saucy Monky" is heard in the background. The full song is used in the end of Zoey's Ribs.


  • When all the girls decide that it was a better idea for them to work on their project together, Zoey says that it's only 11:00, and that they still have 10 hours until class starts. That would mean that class starts at 9:00, which is incorrect. Class starts at 8:00, meaning that they would only have 9 hours until class starts.
  • When Zoey, Nicole and Dana are watching their clips, the way Nicole catches the script is different than when it was actually filmed.
  • When the commercials are presented, Zoey is late, but she dosen't get in trouble.




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