Katy Peckerman is an unseen character mentioned in the episode Miss PCA, in the third season of Zoey 101.


In the episode Miss PCA, Zoey said that there was a girl named Katy Peckerman who called her "ugly" in third grade. This makes Zoey want revenge by making Katy jealous a couple years later. Zoey considered her to be rotten. Back then, she was was bullying others and calling them names. Some fans might think that Katy got in trouble and needed to apologize, although Zoey probably would've forgiven her.


  • Zoey: Do you realize how jealous Katy Peckerman will be if I'm on the cover of "Buzz?"
  • Chase: Who's Katy Peckerman?
  • Zoey: The rotten little skunkbag who called me "ugly" in third grade. I hate that Katy Peckerman!