Keith Finch
Keith Finch
Biological Information
Full name

Keith Finch



Background Information



Pacific Coast Academy

First EP

Defending Dustin

Last EP

Defending Dustin


Storyline ended


Erik Walker

Keith Finch was Dustin's bully from Defending Dustin. He is a mean, and hotheaded bully, that picks on people younger and more vulnerable than him. He is also very big, and tall. He can also be described as being an idiot. In Defending Dustin, he intimidated Dustin because he corrected his mathematical error in geometry class.

Character History

Keith intimidated Dustin and thought Dustin was so smart, he could do his homework for him. The next day, Zoey tries to stick up for Dustin. The three kids starting teasing him and drawing a crowd, embarassing Dustin. Dustin believes that Zoey is babying him too much and that he can stick up for himself. So, he gets upset with Zoey. Dustin tells Chase and Michael that he needs advice on "how to handle a jerk." Zoey, Chase, and Michael play a joke on Keith by sending him to the principal's office. Herb is playing the "dean of discipline" and scolds Keith. Dustin sticks up for himself, beating Keith out and then forgives Zoey.

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