Lance Rivers
Biological Information
Full name

Lance Rivers



Background Information

Dean Rivers (Father)
Tipper Rivers (Mother)
Unnamed Sister


Zoey Brooks (Ex-girlfriend)




Pacific Coast Academy

First EP

Son of a Dean

Last EP

Son of a Dean


One time appearance


Ben Perry

Lance Rivers is the son of Dean Rivers and he only appears in the season 3 episode, Son of a Dean.

Character History

Season 3

Lance and Zoey had a brief relationship in Son of a Dean. It is never revealed how they met each other, as they are going on their third date at the beginning of the episode. After the date, Zoey entered a raffle to go see the movie Beaches and Cream.

To Zoey's surprise, Lance got a ticket to the movie as well, as he claims his dad gave him two tickets. One to raffle off, and one to give to Lance. The two make an arrangement to see the movie together later that week. Lola and Quinn think Lance rigged the raffle, and an oblivious Zoey disagrees and they dispute. Zoey goes with Lance to the premiere for the movie anyway.

While they are on their way to the premiere, Zoey finds out that Lance really did rig the raffle. Zoey gets mad and breaks up with him. Lance goes to the movie by himself.


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