The following is a list of parodies (or spoofs, or things that satrically imitate or mock other things) featured on Zoey 101. This is a list of games that the students have played or some stuff they have that are a lot like or very similar to real life things, like events, objects, or people.


Parody Introduced in Parody of
Confess or Stress Webcam

Truth or dare

TekMate Spring Break-up T-Mobile Sidekick 2
Quinndows QP Favor Chain Windows XP
Galaxy Wars Zoey's Balloon Star Wars
Macalana Zoey's Balloon Macarena
PCAopoly Drippin' Episode Monopoly
Beaches and Cream Son of a Dean Peaches and Cream
Henry Doheney Paige at PCA Harry Houdini
Mystic Mountain Roller Coaster Magic Mountain

Spine Twister

Roller Coaster


Coffee Cart Coffee Cart Ban Starbucks
Javaccino Multiple episodes. Frappuccino