Lola and Michael hugging.

The Lola and Michael relationship (in fandom known as Mila or Licheal) is the pairing of Lola Martinez and Michael Barret. Micheal has been shown to have a slight crush on Lola, but they are only good friends.


Season 3

The Radio

  • When Lola arrives at the lunch table where Michael, Quinn and Logan were already sitting, she sits next to Michael.
  • As the scene continues, Lola and Michael both agree that Zoey should give the radio back to Chase, while Quinn and Logan are on the other side of the argument saying Zoey should keep the radio.
  • At one point in the argument, Lola says "Zoey should give the radio back to Chase!" and Logan says "No, she shouldn't!", but Michael defends her by telling Logan to listen to her. 
  • Lola and Michael are sitting next to each other in the scene when Chase is explaining his side of the story to Mark.
  • When Mark declares that the radio is Zoey's, Lola and Michael are both upset. They turn their heads toward each other when this happens.
  • After Quinn and Logan proceed to boast to the two of them that they were right about the radio belonging Zoey, Lola and Michael rant about how the radio belonged to Chase, and that they shouldn't have made Mark the mediator and want a do-over. 

Miss PCA

  • When Michael says that he needs to pause the TV then burp and then unpause, Lola and Chase laugh.
  • When Michael tells Logan that it takes a lot more than grades and SAT scores to get into a good college, Lola adds "Especially if your grades and SAT scores are suckish... You know. Like yours? (Logan)". Michael laughs.

Goodbye Zoey

  • Both Lola and Michael insist that Zoey should stay at PCA, and give her all the reasons why moving to England and going to school at Covington is a bad idea. 
  • Michael and Lola blame Quinn and Logan for making Zoey want to move because of the good points the latter two brought up to her about moving to Covington and England earlier.

Season 4

Trading Places

  • The episode opens with Lola and Michael playing a casual game of basketball, along with Logan and Quinn.
  • When Michael tells Lola and Quinn to stop him from getting the ball into the basket, Lola jumps onto his back in order to stop him. Michael is irritated since the gils aren't taking the game seriously.
  • When Quinn and Lola try to run out of the boys' dorm room, Michael and Logan physically try to pull them back in; with Logan grabbing Quinn and Michael grabbing Lola.
  • After Zoey knocks on the door the third time, Michael shoves Lola behind the couch whilst Logan does the same thing to Quinn.

Dinner For Two Many

  • They both asked to come on a picnic with Zoey and James - interrupting their date.
  • Michael and Lola were playing pool together before Michael called and asked Logan if he wanted to join them. He says that she is awful, and she says that she heard that. Michael then laughs nervously and states that she has excellent hearing.
  • When Michael tells Logan that he will be at Vaccaro's in twenty minutes he whispers "Come on!" to Lola, and she excitedly runs with him.
  • Michael and Lola interrupt the two couples' dates. This seems to be a running gag in the episode.
  • They sit right across from each other when they arrive at Vaccaro's. 
  • When Lola insists that they should move the tables closer together, Michael is the only one who is agrees with her. 
  • Lola and Michael help Zoey and James to their seats on the volleyball court.

Chasing Zoey

  • When Lola hugs Chase, Michael joins in the hug, too.


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