Nicole-Dustin Relationship
Shipped Characters:
Dustin Brooks and Nicole Bristow

The Nicole and Dustin relationship is the pairing of the characters Nicole Bristow and Dustin Brooks. The two don't have much interaction overall, but appear to be good friends, and have never argued or fought. The two have remained friends after Nicole left PCA. 

Nicole/Dustin Moments

Season 1

Defending Dustin

  • After Dustin comes by saying "What up, Zo?," Nicole (along with Zoey and Dana) say hello to him and ask him what's up.
  • After Zoey says to the girls that Dustin is brilliant so he takes 8th grade math, Nicole says "Awww" along with Dana.
  • As Dustin runs off to class, Nicole turns her eyes towards him.
  • In the scene in the girls' room where Chase tells the gang about how Dustin really stood up for himself, Nicole is noticeably very happy.
  • When Zoey, Chase and Nicole are walking together, when Nicole sees Dustin she says "Hey Zo."
  • After Zoey tells Nicole to fix Dustin's hair for him, Nicole willingly does so. 
  • When Zoey tells Dustin to tie his shoelace, Nicole covers Zoey's mouth, possibly knowing that Dustin doesn't like it when Zoey mothers him like that.

Spring Fling

  • Dustin and Nicole both want Drake Bell to perform at Spring Fling.

Little Beach Party

  • Dustin asks Zoey if he can ride to Mystic Beach in her bus with the rest of the gang, possibly to spend time with Nicole.
  • Dustin and Nicole go under a fishing pole in a limbo contest at the same time.
  • When Dustin, who's in the water, asks if he can have some fish, Nicole says "Sure!" and tosses a piece to him.
  • After eating it, Dustin says "Thank you!" to Nicole. 

Season 2

Back to PCA

Bad Girl

  • Nicole is noticeably very excited that Dustin has a girlfriend.
  • Nicole takes Dustin's side and says that Zoey's always butting into his life. 
  • Nicole takes Dustin's side instead of Zoey's side, like she usually does. 
  • Nicole (along with Zoey and Chase) goes over to sit with Dustin.
  • Nicole asks Dustin if he's feeling alright, thinking that he stopped dating Trisha.

Girls Will Be Boys

  • Nicole offers to go with Zoey to see Dustin, but changes her mind when Zoey tells her that he has chicken pox.

Spring Break-Up

  • Nicole asks Dustin if he wants to go in the hot tub with her and Quinn.
  • Nicole says goodnight to Dustin when he declines the offer before leaving with Quinn.

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