• "And then there were six."
  • "Can we have sushi together in a closet?"
  • "You can't have to get all yelly."
  • "Uh huh."
  • "Right! What do you mean?"
  • "WE CAN'T."
  • "Shape, color, kissability."
  • "Where are you going?!"
  • "'Cause I'm weak."
  • "Did I scare you?"
  • "Oh my God; Dustin has a girlfriend!"
  • "Whatcha gonna do about it?!"
  • "Ew, sick!"
  • "Excuse me, have you noticed that she's the only girl who can play on this team?"
  • "But that's my stuff!"
  • "That I'll be moving."
  • "You're the only girl on our team that can play this game. The rest of us are "suckish"."
  • "Well!"
  • "Ooh, gimme."
  • "A'h! Not another step."
  • "Well, it creeps me out."
  • "You are a wizard with scissors. I'm going to call you the Scissor Wizard!"
  • "We have to be at class by 8!"

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