Season 1 title

A clip of the opening title for season 1

The opening title, alternatively the intro is a sequence of clips from the series that appear during the start of each episode of Zoey 101. They are mostly different for each season, much like many other TV sitcoms. The design for the opining titles is various scrolling shapes that contain said clips that's pasted over a beach-like background, to complement the series' tropical Californian setting. This background also serves as the series transitions between scenes.


Full article: Follow Me

The official theme song for Zoey 101 is Follow Me, which is sung by Jamie Lynn Spears. It's used for each episode's opening title. This song is also featured at the end of the episodes, which often contains the ending of the full theme, including the second verse. The full song was never released, although an instrumental remix was realeased in the show's soundtrack.

Clips used

Season 1

Season 2

  • Logan after being pushed into a water fountain.

Zoey 101 intro01:03

Zoey 101 intro

A clip from a season 1 episode is shown here, where Quinn Pensky is dancing in Quinn's Date. This is the only season where the opening title showed a clip from a previous season.

Season 3

  • Chase struggling to get across campus for the beginning of the semester.

Season 4

  • Dustin giving Quinn a ride on his bike to the prom dance.

Accredited actors

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • The font for the credits and title is Mink Regular, the same font that is used for the iCarly opening titles.
  • Unlike Dan Schneider's other shows, Zoey 101 uses the opening titles during movies/specials, whereas in shows like Drake & Josh and iCarly, they didn't use their opening titles for the TV movies like Drake & Josh Go Hollywood and iGo to Japan, respectively.
  • The first few episodes of Season 1 only contained a portion of the Follow Me song, the show's theme. Subsequent episodes included the full song.

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