Quinn's Date
Season 1, Episode 8
Quinn's Date
Production Information

Steve Hoefer


Eric Friedman

Prod code



March 6, 2005

Episode Chronology

The Play


Spring Fling

Quinn's Date is the eighth episode in Season 1 and the eighth overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series Zoey 101. The episode aired on March 6, 2005.


Quinn develops a crush on a boy name Mark Del Figgalo, but is too afraid to ask him out. She asks Zoey to ask for her, but when she does, he says no. Trying not to hurt Quinn's feelings, she says he said yes. She and Chase then concoct a way that she can go on a date with Mark without Mark knowing. Meanwhile, Dustin takes care of Elvis, a dog, while the other boys are busy, even though he's terribly afraid of animals.

Episode Trivia

  • Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) did not appear in this episode.
  • Although Logan did not appear in this episode, he was mentioned.
  • The hockey jersey that Dustin was wearing looked very similar to the NHL team Anaheim Mighty Ducks, a team in California, where the show takes place.
  • It is discovered in this episode that Quinn has an extra toe. Although she doesn't say it, she puts up her right foot, which could only mean that it is on her right foot. Her extra toe on her right foot is mentioned in "Drippin' Episode."
  • Dana's hair is worn differently in this episode, next is in Disc Golf and Little Beach Party.
  • In "New Roomies," Zoey wishes Nicole and Dana would get along. In this episode, Nicole and Dana do actually get along with each other. It is unknown whether Zoey remembers her wish.


  • During the picnic, Mark drinks all of the sparkling apple juice. The straw is blue at that time. When Quinn asks him to pour her some, the straw becomes pink. When he is actually pouring the juice, it becomes blue again.





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