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Quinn-Logan Relationship


Shipped Characters:
Logan Reese and Quinn Pensky
Quinn Misses The Mark - Chasing Zoey

The Quinn and Logan relationship (in fandom, known as Quogan or Linn) is the pairing of the characters Quinn Pensky and Logan Reese. The two exibit a love-hate relationship throughout the show, and remain "frenemies" until Season 4 where they start a secret romantic relationship after Quinn and Mark break up.


Quinn and Logan have disliked each other for the majority of their time at PCA. Quinn found him rude, shallow, and annoying, while Logan found her strange, freakish, and irritating. They wanted nothing to do with each other, and were often caught in schemes that left them at loggerheads (the basketball game, their coffee shop rivalry, the robot fight, etc). Despite this, their mutual friendships with Chase and Zoey provoked frequent interaction between the two. Often, they teamed up to bring crazy schemes to fruition.

In Season 1 Quinn and Logan don't interact often, but when they do it's pretty obvious to see that they strongly dislike each other. Even in the very first episode, Welcome to PCA, they show strong signs of hatred towards each other. Logan cruelly makes fun of Quinn when she's playing basketball on the court and Quinn revels in Logan's embarrassment at the end of the game, even going as far as to smugly bump into his shoulder as she walks off the court afterwards, while he stands there in a state of shock.

Whenever they do interact, they seem to almost always have something unpleasant to say either to, or about the other. Like how Quinn refers to Logan as being a jerk twice in the episode Webcam. Likewise, Logan calls Quinn weird and tells her that no one cares about her Quinnventions/experiments in Little Beach Party.

Apart from these little moments of animosity between them in very few episodes, they don't interact at all in the first season. Although, this may be because both Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese) and Erin Sanders (Quinn Pensky) are absent for quite a few episodes each in the season.

In Season 2 Quinn and Logan interact a little bit more, but maintain more or less the same type of relationship they had in the first season; with both having mutual dislike of the other.

However, they're also shown to be able to get along and help each other out, like in Bad Girl. Logan (and Michael) get sprayed by a skunk and go to Quinn for help to get rid of the smell. Quinn gladly helps them using one of her Quinnventions. She even seems to be extremely concerned and worried for them when she realises that Quinnvention has a disastrous side-effect.

Despite being somewhat friendlier to each other this season, Logan and Quinn's animosity still came to a head often, with the worst incident occurring in Robot Wars during the robot fight. Logan called Quinn several hurtful names, which almost cost them the competition. Later on, he apologized to Quinn. After this, they became better friends.

This season shows Quinn and Logan's relationship to be a frenemy type of relationship; with them getting along in one episode and then making fun of each other in the next. It also seems that the only ties that they have to one another is their mutual friendship with Zoey and/or other members of the gang.

In Season 3 Quinn and Logan appear to be more friendlier towards each other and seem to hang out together more often. This could be because the gang have grown up and matured and have more mature personalities; with Logan becoming less arrogant and less of a jerk, and Quinn become more normal and less quirky. It could also be because both of them have started hanging out with Zoey and the gang more often and have to interact with each other more frequently.

They still maintain somewhat of a rivalry and constantly try to prove that one is better than the other. For example, in Chase's Girlfriend Quinn tries to prove to Logan that she's capable of helping him with his free throws and has become good at basketball and he remains adamant that she is a spaz and has no skills in sports whatsoever. She proves him wrong and makes him do silly and embarrassing things in retaliation for calling her a spaz. Another example is in Dance Contest where they and Michael compete to be Customer of the Week at the Coffee Cart. Logan's arrogance pops up again and he boasts to Quinn that he will be the one to get Customer of the Week. Quinn tells him not to get so cocky and knocks him out with her elbow pinch when she becomes fed up of his superior comments towards her. Most of their "arguments", however, seem to be just playful and friendly banter between the two.

Despite this rivalry between them, Quinn and Logan have shown that they can put aside their differences and work together well when helping the rest of gang out with their usual schemes. They even team up a couple of times against other members of the gang to prove them wrong. For example, in The Radio when the gang is at loggerheads as to whether the radio belongs to Zoey or Chase, Quinn and Logan are on the same side of the debate, both saying that the radio belongs with Zoey. They back each other up and are both very, very happy when Mark declares that the radio is Zoey's, and you can see them triumphantly hi-fiving and hugging each other. Another example is in The Curse of PCA when gang decide to go up to Redstone Gulch to see if the legend of Charles L. Galloway is true. Logan and Quinn, along with Michael, believe that Galloway really existed and are extremely happy when they find the proof that he did exist, proving the rest of the gang wrong.

This season establishes Quinn and Logan's relationship as more friends than enemies, with only a few - not serious - disagreements between the two. This is probably to set up Quinn and Logan's relationship leading into the next season, and is perhaps a subtle hint in foreshadowing the start of a romantic relationship between the two.

At the beginning of Season 4, in the episode Quinn Misses the Mark, Quinn is dumped by her long-term boyfriend Mark Delfiggilo. Devastated, she attempts to win him back by dressing provocatively. When Mark gently rejects her, she flees to a bench to cry. Logan drives by on his Jet-X and notices her distress. He comforts her, listing her good qualities and sincerely telling her that she doesn't need Mark. He puts her glasses back on, bringing back the real Quinn. They suddenly kiss each other passionately, but it is awkwardly broken when a horse bearing Michael and Zoey gallops by. They both then agree that it was the weirdest day ever.

In Walk-a-thon, they decide that they shouldn't see each other. They're afraid of the abuse they'll take if they publicly date. However, they're unable to stay away from each other, and after another make-out session, they agree to start secretly dating; although they both admit they're embarrassed to be seen with the other.

They hug, but Michael walks in on them, causing them to believe he knows they are dating. To throw him off the scent, they plan a fake fight, which leads to Michael telling them they fight like an old married couple. Later, they ask him if he "knows." He says he does know... he knows that they are planning a surprise birthday party for him!

Quinn and Logan continue to secretly see each other, but this brings complications. The coffee cart ban leads them to fight over Logan's outrageous prices. Later on, Logan tries to take Quinn out on a special date, but they are nearly busted when their friends come to the same restaurant. They resort to dancing together in closets and hiding behind rocks to make out.

Their relationship finally comes out in Chasing Zoey. In order to throw off any suspicion, they agree to take other dates to the prom. However, they each pick the other's dates, which makes them miserable. Logan finally can't stand dancing with Stacey and loudly proclaims his love for Quinn. Elated, Quinn reciprocates his feelings, and the two kiss passionately in front of everybody. They dance the night away, and it is assumed that they keep dating after the series ends.

Quinn/Logan Moments

Season 1

Welcome to PCA

  • In the scene when the girls and boys are practicing for the basketball game, Logan sees Quinn doing a very bad job at dribbling the ball and laughs cruelly at her.
  • At one point in the game, Logan (and Michael) both charge at Quinn (who's got the ball), and Quinn screams and runs off the court (with the ball) in fright.
Quinn bumps into Logan's a shoulder after the game

Quinn bumps into Logan's a shoulder after the game.

  • At another point in the game, Logan steals the ball from Quinn and then proceeds to shoot and score. When he succeeds, Quinn then stomps around very angrily and frustratedly.
  • Quinn is seen laughing along with all the girls at Logan's embarrassment after the game.
  • When the girls walk off the basketball court after the end of game, Quinn purposely bumps into Logan's shoulder whilst saying "Bye!" in a flirty/smug tone.


Logan immediately grabs Quinn's attention when he enters the room.

Logan immediately grabs Quinn's attention when he enters the room.

  • When Dana says that the only downside to PCA having their own Sushi Bar right on campus is that Logan is the delivery guy, Quinn agrees by saying, "Ew, Logan? He's such a jerk!".
  • When Logan walks in and greets the girls, Quinn's attention immediately turns to him and she has an interested expression on her face.
  • Quinn rolls her eyes at Logan's behavior when he says he's not going to help Chase carry the sushi.
  • After Logan states that he knows there's been a bit of tension between him and the girls since they arrived at PCA and Zoey replies sarcastically with, "Ya think?", you can see Quinn furrow her eyebrows at him and scoff in agreement with Zoey.
  • Quinn (and all the other girls) seem confused when Logan says that he feels bad about his past behavior and and that wants to give them something, and even more confused when he then gives them the bear.
  • When Logan and Michael are watching the girls all fighting in the girls dorm via the webcam, Logan at one point zooms in on Quinn; who's seen to be eating baby food.
  • Quinn uses one of her Quinnventions to find out that Logan installed a wireless webcam in the bear.
  • When she finds this out she exclaims, "That jerk!" (referring to Logan).
  • Quinn helps everyone with the 'fake a murder attempt plan' that they use to embarrass Logan and is seen laughing along with everyone at the end when Logan gets carted off to the Deans office.

Prank Week

Quinn looks at Logan when she says, "It's time for revenge against the boys"

Quinn looks at Logan when she says, "It's time for revenge against the boys".

  • Near the end of the episode when Quinn rushes up to all the girls and boys to tell them that she's perfected the Sonic Neuro-Neutralizer, she's stands right next to Logan.
  • She looks directly at him when she says the line, "It's time for revenge against the boys".
  • Logan looks her up and down with an amused expression on his face whilst she's saying this.
Logan watches Quinn as she angrily storms away.

Logan watches Quinn as she angrily storms away.

  • When everyone agrees with Dana after she says that the Sonic Neuro-Neutralizer wouldn't have worked anyway, you can see Logan shake his head and smirk at Quinn.
  • Quinn then grumbles the line, "Fine!... Make me do all this work for nothing!", while looking directly at Logan once again.
  • Logan then shrugs at her before she turns around and throws the Sonic Neuro-Neutralizer in the trash can, and continues to watch her until she storms off.
  • Logan (and everyone else) then agree with Chase when he says that "That girl, (Quinn) is just a little bit nuts!".

Little Beach Party

Logan harshly tells Quinn that she's weird.

Logan harshly tells Quinn that she's weird.

Quinn gives Logan a death glare.

Quinn gives Logan a death glare.

  • After Quinn says to the group, "Anyway, I finished my chemistry exam in like, ten minutes. So, since I had some extra time, I combined a few chemicals and accidentally created an aroma that smells just like coconut!", Logan scathingly replies, "Cool... But no one cares.".
  • She ignores his comment and makes the group sniff the aroma of the chemicals anyway. Even though he stated only seconds before that no one cares, Logan sniffs the chemicals' aroma along with everyone else.
  • When the gang all wake up after falling asleep from the chemicals'a aroma, Quinn says, "Must be an effect of my Synthetic Coconut Aroma... That's weird.", Logan harshly replies, "So are you.".
  • After he says this, Quinn turns to look at him and gives him a death glare.
  • When the gang are all worn out from walking on the beach and go to sit down, Logan and Quinn accidentally knock into each other when finding a spot to sit down on.
Quinn grabs onto Logan's shoulder for support.

Quinn grips onto Logan's shoulder for support.

Logan looks at Quinn while the rest of the gang check their cellphones for signal.

Logan looks at Quinn while the rest of the gang check their cellphones.

  • Quinn briefly grips onto Logan's shoulder for support as she goes to sit down.
  • Additionally, they end up sitting down next to each other, pretty close to each other as well.
  • Logan is the one that answers Quinn when she asks how long they have they been walking for.
  • When everyone checks their cell phones except Dustin, Quinn and Logan, you can see Logan glance at Quinn.
  • Quinn looks slightly sorry for Logan when the girls start blaming him for getting them all stuck in a mess.
  • When they're all getting up, Quinn's arm accidentally brushes up against Logan.
  • When no one understands what Quinn is saying when she's using big words to tell everyone her plan to get a wider cell phone range, Logan is the one that gets Quinn to elaborate with simpler words by saying, "And... That means...?".
  • As he says this, he lowers his sunglasses and raises his eyebrows in a somewhat flirty manner whilst looking at her.
  • Logan claps once and watches Quinn as she leaves to do her work after she says, "This shouldn't take long.".
  • Quinn uses Logan's mirror and her own glasses to start the campfire.
Quinn falls asleep on slash near Logan's legs.

Quinn falls asleep on/near Logan's legs.

  • Quinn raises her eyebrows and has an amused expression on her face when Logan exclaims, "Hey! Who got finger prints on my mirror!?".
  • When the gang are all asleep in the back of Mr. Bender's truck, Quinn seems to be sleeping on/near Logan's legs.
  • Quinn and Logan were the two people that were responsible for everything that happened on that day. Quinn initially made them late for the bus by accidentally putting them to sleep with her Synthetic Coconut Aroma, and Logan took them to the wrong beach by accidentally giving the taxi driver the wrong directions. Every thing that happened on that day was the result of both of their accidental actions.

Season 2

Back to PCA

  • At the end of the episode, the girls meet with the boys and they all walk to breakfast together. Logan cranes his head forward to greet the girls when they all meet up and seems to be looking at the end of the girls line where Quinn and Lola are, he smiles as he greets them.
  • After Logan's greeted them and he steps back in line, Quinn seems to smile in his general direction.

The Election

  • Quinn goes with Zoey, Nicole and Lola to confront Logan about why he's giving out free smoothies with Chase's face on the side of the cup to everyone.
  • Quinn leans over Nicole's shoulder so she can see Logan better when he comes to greet the girls and she continues to watch him as he turns around and yells out, "Vote for Chase!", through his megaphone.

Haunted House

  • Logan was the main person in charge of setting up the Haunted House. This means that Quinn indirectly complements him when she says, "Hey! Cool Haunted House! It looks really scary...".

Bad Girl

Logan runs his fingers along Quinn's forearm

Logan runs his fingers along Quinn's forearm.

  • In the episode, Logan (and Michael) get sprayed by a skunk and ask Quinn to help them get rid of the smell.
  • Quinn invents a spray for them that's supposed to get rid of skunk smell.
  • After Michael sprays Quinn's sleeve to test the spray out, Logan runs his fingers down Quinn's forearm.
  • When Logan spreads his arms out and tells Quinn, "Just spray us", she gives him a flirty look with her eyebrows.
Quinn gives Logan a flirty smile.

Quinn gives Logan a flirty smile.

  • Quinn seems to be enjoying herself as she sprays Logan (and Michael).
  • Quinn speaks to Michael and Logan (mostly Logan) in a condescending tone when they're doubting if her Skunk Neutralizing Spray will work.
  • When Quinn realises that her Skunk Neutralizing Spray makes clothing disintegrate she screams loudly as remembers that she sprayed Logan (and Michael) with it, all over them.
  • When Quinn states this to Zoey, Nicole and Lola she seems really concerned and worried for them.
  • At the end of the scene Quinn has a really concerned and distraught look on her face. Almost as if she feels really bad for spraying Logan (and Michael) with a spray that makes their clothes disintegrate and she seems genuinely worried for them.

Broadcast Views

Quinn exasperatedly rolls her eyes at Logan when he asks, "What's wrong with war?".

Quinn rolls her eyes at Logan when he asks, "What's wrong with war?".

  • When Logan ignorantly and obnoxiously asks, "What's wrong with war?", on the second webshow debate, Quinn rolls her eye exasperatedly at his imbecilic question.
  • When The Logan and Zoey Show start on TV, Quinn seems very excited to see them and after they introduce Logan, she giddily exclaims, "Oh my God! Here they are!".
  • Quinn, along with all other the girls, look offended when Logan says that he doesn't think that girls should be allowed to play on guys' sports teams.
  • Quinn becomes more attentive as soon as Logan starts talking to introduce the second topic.
  • Quinn looks taken-aback when Logan harshly announces the that the third topic is about Eating Kittens.
  • In the end scene when Quinn, Lola and Nicole walk up and greet Zoey, Chase, Michael and Logan, Quinn walks up and stands next to Logan.

Girls Will Be Boys

Robot Wars

Lola Likes Chase

Logan tells Dustin to go and be a jerk to Quinn.

Logan tells Dustin to go and be a jerk to Quinn.

  • When Logan is teaching Dustin how to have an attitude to get girls to like him, he locates Quinn and tells Dustin to practice on her by saying, "Now go be a jerk to Quinn!".
  • Logan watches in amusement as Quinn gets offended and angrily storms off because of Dustin's insults to her trombone riff.
  • Throughout the episode, Logan claims that he acts like a jerk to get girls to like him. Logan almost always acts like a jerk towards Quinn whenever they interact.

Spring Break-Up

•Logan invites Quinn and the rest of the gang to his house for Spring Break so they are friends because if they weren't, Logan wouldn't have invited her.

People Auction

Quinn's Alpaca

  • At the end of the episode when Zoey, Nicole, Lola, Chase, and Logan are sitting at the tables, Quinn walks by with Otis and says, "Hey guys.". The girls say greet her and Otis as she's walking by, and the guys sit there looking very confused. After she and Otis are gone, Logan asks, "Um... Did Quinn just walk by here with an alpaca?", in a very confused tone.

Season 3


Chase's Girlfriend

  • Quinn and Logan spend almost the whole episode together because Quinn offers to help Logan with his free throws for basketball.

Hot Dean

  • When the gang gathers in front of the TV to see the new Dean on the PCA News, Logan stands behind and to the right of Quinn.
  • Quinn pushes Logan out of the way so she can see the TV better when the PCA News is showing the new Dean.
  • When Quinn says, "He's (the new Dean) gorgeous!", Logan quickly moves forward so that his head is next to hers and glances at her as he says, "He's not as good looking as me!".
  • Logan pushes Quinn out of the way so he can see the TV better when the PCA News is announcing the new cheerleader uniforms.
  • When the girls and Chase all head to go behind the counter where Logan already is, after leaving Dean Taylor and Coco to start on their date, Quinn reaches the counter first and Logan makes moment towards her as if to help pull her behind the counter quickly, they make eye contact as he appears to mouth something to her.
  • Quinn's gaze seems to linger on Logan for a second as she turns around and rights herself, even after he's broken his gaze to step back and make room for the others behind the counter.
  • When Chase, Lola, Quinn and Logan go to check on Zoey for a status report on Dean Taylor and Coco's date, Logan steps back to let the other three out first and then stands directly behind Quinn.
  • When Zoey says the date is going terrible because of Coco's small talk, Quinn and Logan turn to each other and give simultaneous sighs of disappointment. After they turn back to face Zoey, Quinn turns back around to Logan and opens her mouth as if she was about to say something to him, before Chase cuts her off by exclaiming that he's got an idea.
  • After Zoey worriedly states that Coco's starting to sweat and Logan replies with, "So?", in a scoffing tone, the camera pans slightly to his left and shows us Quinn's face. They are stating very close to each other and their faces are very close to each other as well.
  • They make eye contact and continue to look at each other as Quinn tells Logan that, "When Coco gets nervous, she sweats...".
  • They remain beside each other throughout the whole scene, and a one point they simultaneously lean slightly forward to get a better view of Coco sweating out on the date.
  • When Quinn tells Chase to, "Go get the fan!", Logan joins in and tells him to go get the fan only milliseconds after she voices it, Lola waits a few seconds before joining in.
  • When the boys are giving the towels to Coco, Logan reaches over Quinn's shoulder to give Coco his towels.

Zoey's Tutor

  • It is revealed in this episode that Logan is gifted in Chemistry. Quinn is gifted in and loves all areas of Science, especially Chemistry. Being great at Chemistry is something Quinn and Logan both have in common.
  • Additionally, this episode also shows both Quinn and Logan (at different points in time), tutoring Zoey in Chemistry.
  • When Chase says that the reason he called a group meeting with Michael, Lola and Quinn was, "To talk about what's going on with Zoey and Logan.", Quinn sighs irritatedly at the end of his sentence.
  • Quinn offers Chase a quick answer to his question by saying, "Look, obviously Zoey and Logan are secretly dating, may I please go catch my rat now?", in an annoyed tone (although she may have just been annoyed because she wanted to go and catch her rat).
  • It is ironic that Quinn is the one that makes this statement, because in the next season, she and Logan are the ones that do start secretly dating.
  • When Zoey tells Quinn, Lola and Chase that Logan has been tutoring her in Chemistry, Quinn and Lola burst into laughter and Quinn incredulously asks, "Oh my God, Logan?! Logan; seriously?".
  • When Zoey tells the gang that Logan didn't want to tell them that he was tutoring her in Chemistry, "Cause he thought everyone would rip on him for being a Chemistry geek.", Quinn, along with Chase, Michael and Lola, says that she would have (ripped on him). This is funny because Logan is the one that frequently rips on Quinn for being a science geek.
  • When Zoey says, "I can't believe he (Logan) said we were dating. Ugh!", Quinn suggests, "You should get him back somehow.".
  • Zoey, Michael and Chase get revenge on Logan by putting Quinn's rat down his pants. This means that Quinn probably gave them permission to use her rat to prank Logan with.
  • Quinn wholeheartedly agrees with Michael when he says, "You know, I never would've believed Logan Reese knows Chemistry!".
  • When Zoey answers saying, "He does, big time.", Quinn curiously and incredulously asks, "And he's really good at it?".
  • Quinn, along with the rest of the gang, immediately turn to look at the boys dorm window when they hear Logan shrieking and screaming the sentence, "WHAT'S IN MY PANTS?!".
  • Out of the whole gang, Quinn is the one that laughs the loudest and hardest and seems to be the most amused when they see Logan jumping around madly trying to get the rat out of his pants as he continues screaming in fright and pain.

The Great Vince Blake

  • Quinn looks at Logan quizzically and shakes her head confusedly when he starts randomly giggling after Chase said chicken breast.
  • Zoey states that Logan's giggling because Chase said breast and Logan immaturely snorts out the word, "Breast.", in between sniggers. Quinn rolls hers eyes at Logan's remark.
  • Logan nods in approval after Vince nicknames Quinn, Quinnderella.
  • Quinn helps Zoey and Lola patch up all the boys after they've been beaten up by the football team, including Logan.
  • Quinn sounds very sorry for all the boys that they got beat up by the football team, including Logan.
  • When Quinn finds out that Mark also helped defend Chase she roughly drops Michael's arm onto Logan, who then winces in pain and looks up at her.
  • Logan then continues to watch Quinn as she runs out of the room to find Mark.

Silver Hammer Society

Michael Loves Lisa


Zoey's Balloon

  • When everyone's applauding Firewire for revealing his secret, Logan moves forward from his spot as if he was going to go and stand next to Quinn, but he gets shoved back when Ms. Dangle pushes through them so she can tell everyone her secret.
  • Logan and Quinn both hi-five Ms. Dangle after she reveals her secret.
  • Logan turns to look at Quinn when she shouts, "Ro-wee!", after Zoey turns the music for the Macalana.
  • At the end when everyone starts doing the Macalana, Logan and Quinn are next to each other and he appears to be looking in her direction as they're all dancing along to the Macalana.

Chase's Grandma

  • At the beginning of the episode, the girls walk up and sit down at the lunch table where the boys are already sitting. When Quinn greets them by saying, "Shalom!", Logan immediately replies by saying, "Sup?", whilst looking up at her.
  • In addition, Quinn also sits down either next to or near to Logan, but it alternates in between shots because of the Fourth Wall Social Semi-Circle. For example, in one shot they'll be sitting next to each other and in the next shot there'll be a couple of empty seats in between the two of them so none of the cast will have their backs to the audience/camera. This could also be considered an episode goof.
  • When Quinn tells Chase that he needs to 'de-stress', Logan looks at her and replies saying, "No chance, he's (Chase) gonna be like this all weekend.".
  • Logan wants a beach-themed party for Chase's birthday so that he could see all the girls in swimsuits/bikinis, including Quinn.
  • When Lola and Quinn intrude on the boys' dorm room before 7am and Quinn tells them she brought the industrial lubricants along with the tools (to get Dustin unstuck from the vending machine), Logan watches her retreat into the room and incredulously asks her, "Industrial lubricants?".
  • Chase is noticeably more annoyed when Quinn and Logan's things are making noise than he is when Lola and Michael's things are making noise. This implies that being annoying is something that both Quinn and Logan are good at.
  • When Chase frustratedly yells, "BLAH!", before storming out of the room, Logan turns to give a confused look in Quinn's (and Lola's) direction.
  • When Quinn questioningly states that, "He (Chase) doesn't seem too happy for a birthday boy.", she looks up at Logan and seems to direct the statement towards him.
  • Logan looks at Quinn and replies that, "The birthday party will cheer him (Chase) up.".
  • When everyone screams, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", to surprise Chase at the party, Quinn and Logan are standing right next to each other.
  • They're standing so close to each other that their arms are brushing against each other when they scream, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", to Chase.
  • Logan and the rest of the gang watch as Quinn lights up her pyjamas and Logan nods in approval after she's done so.
  • After Chase tells Quinn that, "They're very luminescent pyjamas.", she grins and looks back at Logan, before stepping back in line and turning her nightlight pyjamas off.
  • At one point when the gang are telling Chase that he's going to stay at his own party, Logan steps back and crosses his arms, accidentally bumping into Quinn's side as he does so.
  • When Zoey returns to the party in her pyjamas, Logan and Quinn (and Lola) are seen dancing really close to each other and seem to be having fun whilst doing so.
  • Quinn glances at Logan quite a few times when she, him and Lola are telling Zoey that Chase left the party early.
  • When Zoey goes to talk to Michael, Logan and Quinn (and Lola) recommence dancing close to each other again.


Logan and the gang glare at Quinn.

Logan and the gang all glare at Quinn.

  • Logan (and the rest of the gang) turn to glare at Quinn when the Biohazard guy says that it'll hurt when he takes the blood samples from each of them.
  • When Logan's laying on the couch, admiring himself in the mirror and Quinn is on the computer about to log on and chat with Mark, the position of himself on the couch and the position of his mirror would probably allow him to see Quinn in it.
  • When Quinn starts logs off after chatting with Mark online and starts ranting on about how Maria is going to steal Mark away from her, you can see Logan in the background repeatedly rolling his eyes and making exasperated expressions whilst looking at her.
  • Logan then suggests to Quinn that she should just get someone to follow Mark and Maria around and tell her what they're doing together.
  • Quinn quickly agrees that she'll do it.
  • As soon as Logan starts talking Quinn immediately turns around to face him while he's talking.
  • When Quinn says that it'll be like spying on them, you can see Logan nodding at her as if to say, "Duh!".
Logan confusedly thanks Quinn for her complement/insult.

Logan confusedly thanks Quinn for her complement/insult.

  • After Quinn says that she'll do it, Logan smirks and nods his head in a satisfied way; like he knew that she would agree to doing it.
  • When Zoey questions Quinn about taking advice from Logan, Quinn replies with, "I know he's (Logan) stupid, but that was a good idea!".
  • Logan then replies to her by saying, "Uh..Thanks?" in a confused tone.
  • Logan seems to be always looking at Quinn whenever she's talking in this scene.
  • When the PCA News reporter announces Logan's name on the news report of the biohazard team, Logan makes an exasperated expression and turns to look/glare at Quinn.
  • When Lola suddenly screams after seeing Herman (Quinn's spider), Quinn falls off her chair and lands near Logan (and Michael).
  • When Logan says to Lola, "Would you quit rehearsing your scream!?", Quinn looks back and forth between him and Lola.
Quinn watches Logan as he offers a solution to Zoey's problem.

Quinn watches Logan as he offers a solution to Zoey's problem.

Logan is shocked when Quinn starts zapping Zoey and tries to stop her.

Logan is shocked when Quinn starts zapping Zoey and tries to stop her.

  • The way Quinn orders Dustin around when spying on Mark and Maria, and how she treats Dustin with unusual harshness for her character, is similar to how Logan has treated Dustin in the past.
  • When Logan says to Zoey, "Do I have to solve everyone's problems?" (In response to her not being able to identify which Dan her date is), Logan and Quinn are seen standing right beside each other. They remain next to each other this entire scene, with Logan standing slightly behind Quinn. He also seems to be looking at her through almost the whole of the scene.
  • Quinn keeps her eyes on Logan as he suggests the solution to Zoey's problem.
  • When Zoey states that Dustin is her little brother to Quinn, Logan is seen giving Quinn a look as if to say "Zoey's got a point.".
  • Logan was watching Quinn as she was preparing her Zap Watch and seemed shocked when Quinn started zapping Zoey. He also seemed as if he was going to make a move to stop her from zapping Zoey.
  • Logan looks sorry for Quinn when Zoey confiscates her Zap Watch from her.
Quinn tells Logan that he's lucky Zoey confiscated her Zap Watch.

Quinn tells Logan that he's lucky Zoey confiscated her Zap Watch.

Logan gives Quinn a look of contempt.

Logan gives Quinn a look of contempt.

  • When Lola screams again in that scene and scares everyone, Logan and Quinn both fall down on beanbags next to each other.
  • When Quinn exclaims that she'll soon be Mark's Ex-Girlfriend, Logan scoffs at her by saying, "Yeah, if you're lucky!".
  • When Logan says this, it sounds as if he wants Quinn and Mark to break up. His tone also seems to convey that he thinks that she can do a lot better than date someone like Mark.
  • Quinn then responds by angrily trying to zap Logan with her Zap Watch, but can't because Zoey confiscated it. She tells Logan, "You're lucky Zoey confiscated my Zap Watch!", whilst threateningly waving the phone in his face.
  • Logan replies to this by giving her a look of contempt.
  • Afterwards, when Logan yells at the group and says, "I can't take being locked in a room with a bunch of insane freaks!", Quinn's body language and facial expression shows that she's a lot more offended by the statement than anyone else in the group.
  • After Lola looses her voice and the group all exclaim happily about it, Quinn then proceeds to go and sit down on Zoey's bed, where Logan is also already laying down on.

The Radio

Quinn and Logan sit next to each other at the lunch table

Quinn and Logan sit next to each other at the lunch table.

Quinn and Logan are on the same side during the debate about who owns the radio.

Quinn and Logan are on the same side of the debate about whether Zoey should give the radio back to Chase or not.

  • At the beginning of the episode, when Zoey and Chase are debating on which of their roommates have the weirdest habits, Zoey says that Quinn has a freaky habit that none of Chase's roommates can beat and Chase replies by telling Zoey one of Logan's weird habits (peeing out of the window in the middle of the night because he's too lazy to get up and walk to the bathroom). This shows that weird habits is something that Logan and Quinn have in common.
  • They are technically the only two main characters who think that Zoey should keep the radio, as Zoey always meant to return it since she found out its value, and only didn't because she was mad at Chase, Dustin didn't even appear in the episode, and Chase, Lola, and Michael all agreed that Zoey should return the radio to Chase. 
  • When Logan came up to sit at the lunch table where Quinn and Michael were already sitting, he sits down next to Quinn by choice. He could've chose to sit next to Michael, or at the last chair at the table.
  • When Logan sits down he greets Quinn and Michael by saying, "Hey". To which Quinn replies with, "Aloha!" in a cheery tone.
  • Quinn is looking and listening intently at Logan the whole time when he says, "So what? Zoey and Chase are never gonna talk to each other again?!".
  • Quinn then replies to Logan by saying, "They might," (whilst pointing at him), "if Chase apologizes.".
  • As the scene continues and Lola, Michael, Quinn and Logan continue to argue about whether Zoey should give the radio back to Chase or not, both Quinn and Logan are adamant saying that Zoey should keep the radio, while Lola and Michael are on the other side of the argument saying Zoey should give the radio back to Chase.
Quinn and Logan triumphantly hi-five each other in the background.

Quinn and Logan triumphantly hi-five each other in the background.

Quinn and Logan hugging in the background.

Quinn and Logan hugging in the background.

  • They continually agree with each other's statements and points of why Zoey should get the radio throughout the argument. Lola and Michael do the same to each other's statements and points of why Chase should get it instead.
  • At one point in the argument, Quinn defends Logan by saying, "No, Logan's right!" in response to something Lola said, and Michael responds with "Logan's wrong, and you're wrong (referring to Quinn)".
  • Logan and Quinn are standing next to each other behind Zoey (who's in a chair) in the scene when Chase is stating his side of the story to Mark.
  • When Mark declares that the radio is Zoey's, Quinn and Logan are both very, very happy.
  • They high-five each other and afterward you can see them hugging in the background.
  • When Quinn and Logan finish hugging, he keeps his arms around her for longer than necessary and doesn't let go of her until she pulls away from him completely.
  • Quinn and Logan then both proceed to boast to Lola and Michael that they were right about the radio belonging to Zoey, the latter two both rant about how the radio belonged to Chase and that they shouldn't have chosen Mark to be the mediator and that they want a do-over.

Paige at PCA

  • At the end of the episode when the gang are watching the News Report on the PCA Power Saving Module, Logan is standing up behind the couch that the gang are all sitting on, he's standing only slightly to the left of where Quinn's sitting on the couch.
  • When the news reporter says, "The Power Saving Module designed by Paige Howard and Quinn Pensky is now working flawlessly!", Logan and the rest of the gang applaud Quinn. He claps for her, says, "Alright!", in a congratulatory voice and smiles and grins downwards at her from where he's standing.
  • Logan continues smiling at Quinn as the news reporter says the next line, even though the rest of the gang have already turned their eyes back to the TV.
  • After the news reporter states that both Quinn and Paige got early admission to the California Institute of Technology and Lola asks Quinn, "You're going to College?", followed by Chase's, "Now?", and Quinn answers, "No!", you can see that Logan is still smiling down at her from his spot and he continues to smile at her as she tells the gang, "Paige accepted the offer, she's going. I told them no thanks.".
  • Logan then asks her in amazement, "How come?!".
  • Quinn looks around at all of the gang, including Logan, when she states that the reason she said no to the scholarship is because she wants to spend her High School years in High School, with all of her friends. This means that Quinn considers Logan as her friend, despite their frequent animosity towards each other.
  • Logan smiles at Quinn once again after she says this.
  • When Quinn says, "Mmm... Aluminum!", after biting into and tasting Zoey's key, Logan smiles at her and chuckles at her statement.

Dance Contest

  • Quinn and Logan (and Michael) are waiting in line at the Coffee Cart next to each other.
  • When Quinn sees Logan point at Darla and complain about her pushing in line, she immediately joins in.
  • When Logan asks the Coffee Cart guy, "Well who picked her?", he and Quinn glance at each other.
  • Logan looks at Quinn the whole time when she's asking the Coffee Cart guy, "And how do you get to be customer of the week?".
  • After Michael says, "I want to be Customer of the Week!", and Quinn replies with, "Well, so do I!", Logan is seen to be smirking at Quinn.
  • He then goes to stand in front of her and cockily states, "Yeah, I think we know who's gonna be the next Customer of the Week." (referring to himself). At this point, they've zoned Michael out and are specifically just talking one another.
Quinn knocks Logan out with her nerve pinch.

Quinn knocks Logan out with her nerve pinch.

  • Quinn then snips back at him by saying, "I wouldn't be so cocky. And hey! Get behind me, I was ahead of you!".
  • Logan smugly replies saying, "Too bad, when you stepped out of line you lost your place. So just...".
  • Quinn then cuts him off before he can finish his sentence by pinching his elbows and knocking him unconscious. She watches him collapse with a satisfied look on her face.
  • After the Coffee Cart guy announces Quinn as the new Customer of the Week, Logan immediately bursts through the crowd (with Michael) and exclaims loudly, "Dude!", before Michael asks, "Why Quinn?!", and both they start complaining.
  • After Logan asks, "Why'd you pick Quinn?", Quinn steps forward and seconds his question by asking, "Yeah, why did you pick me?".
  • When the Coffee Cart guy states that he always picks a cute girl to be Customer of the week, Logan and Michael exchange a look that says, "Oh.". Notice that Logan doesn't even deny that Quinn is a cute girl, you'd normally expect him to give an insult to Quinn at this point.
  • After the Coffee Cart guy states that he usually gets some free making-out with the girl he chooses for Customer of the Week, Michael sarcastically says "Great!", and Logan also sarcastically adds, "Brilliant!", while giving the Coffee Cart guy a look of disapproval/disdain.
  • When Molly Talbertson pushes through after she's declared as the new, new Customer of the Week, she pushes past Logan, therefore knocking him sideways into Quinn and they end up bumping shoulders.
  • After Logan (and Michael) walk away from the Coffee Cart, Quinn sends the Coffee Guy a look of disgust and then goes to join Logan (and Michael) as they're walking away.
  • Quinn and Logan (and Michael) are sitting outdoors and hanging out together at night, Quinn and Logan are sitting with only one or two empty seats in between them.
  • When Zoey joins them, Logan moves to the seat right next to Quinn.

The Curse of PCA

Son of a Dean

  • When Zoey finds a Dancing with Logan DVD on her bed and asks Quinn and Lola, "Dancing with Logan? What is this?", Quinn answers straight away, saying in a sniggering tone, "He (Logan) made a video of himself dancing.". Implying that she's possibly viewed it, as Logan gave it out to all of the girls on campus, including her.
  • Logan gave all of the girls on campus a copy of his Dancing with Logan DVD, which means that he most likely gave one to Quinn as well.
  • When Lola adds, "And he's (Logan) giving it (the DVD) out to girls all over campus so they can dance with him virtually.", Quinn momentarily has a mild look of horror on her face, before furrowing her eyebrows and morphing into scoffing look and then sniggering as Lola finishes her sentence.
  • You can hear Quinn (and Lola) continue to laugh/snigger at Logan's typical antics as Zoey scoffingly asks, "No way! What girl would want this?!".

Miss PCA

Quinn smiles at Logan as she tells him he needs good extra-curricular stuff.

Quinn smiles at Logan as she tells him he needs good extra-curricular stuff.

Logan tells Quinn he plays football and basketball in a smug tone.

Logan tells Quinn he plays football and basketball in a smug tone.

  • After Zoey tells Logan that he's not going to be able to buy his way into college, Quinn seconds her statement by saying, "True that.", whilst looking up at Logan.
  • When Logan asks the gang, "Well what am I supposed to do then?", Quinn is the one that quickly answers his question by saying, "You need good extra-curricular stuff.", and smiles up at him when she finishes speaking.
  • He replies by saying, "I play football and basketball.", in a smug tone that sounds like he's trying to impress her.
  • After Logan starts to walk off and Zoey asks him where he's going and he replies with, "To do something impressive so I can get into College.", then does walk off, Quinn smiles as if she's impressed with what Logan says he's going to do and then turns to look at Lola .
  • When Michael states that, "Quinn's like, Super Smart, right?", Logan agrees by nodding his head and saying, "Yeah.".
Quinn watches in amusement as Logan gets assaulted by Zoey and Lola

Quinn watches in amusement as Logan gets assaulted by Zoey and Lola.

Quinn looks sorry for Logan as he continues to get beaten and covered in mud by Zoey and Lola.

Quinn looks sorry for Logan as he continues to get pummelled by the girls.

  • Logan (and Chase) go and watch Michael telling Quinn his intellectual joke.
  • Logan (and Chase) look sceptical that the joke is going to make Quinn laugh.
  • Logan (and Chase) give Michael mocking thumbs up signs when his joke fails to make Quinn laugh.
  • When Logan yells out, "You are kidding me!!!", the second time, Quinn rushes through the crowd to get to the front and view the scene better.
  • Quinn laughs amusedly when watching Logan get pulled into the mud pool and then assaulted by Zoey and Lola.
  • When Chase states that, "This (watching Logan get beat up and covered in mud by the girls) is so much better than a Beauty Pageant.", Quinn agrees with him, not taking her eyes off the scene, by saying, "So much better.".
  • She then continues to watch the girls attack Logan with an amused smile on her face.
  • When Logan screams in pain and repeatedly yells at Zoey and Lola to let go of him and that he's the judge, Quinn winces and shakes her head sympathetically and looks sorry for Logan before saying, "Poor Logan.", in a sympathetic tone.
  • Quinn looks back at the scene once more and with a sorry expression on her face, before asking Chase if he'd like to go get some coffee, he complies and then they exit the scene.

Logan Gets Cut Off

  • In the scene when Logan is showing off his new car to everyone and students are crowding around admiring it, Quinn harshly shoves several people out of the way whilst uncharacteristically yelling, "Move it!", so she can get to the front of the crowd and closer to Logan and the car.
  • Quinn stares at Logan's car in amazement and admiration.
  • Quinn exasperatedly asks Logan, "Why? (Does he need a car) You're 15!".
  • Quinn rolls her eyes when Logan's says that the reason he brought the car was because it was a Special Edition.
  • Quinn has a irritated expression on her face when a girl pushes past her to get into Logan's car and make-out with him.
  • Quinn looks mildly annoyed/disgusted and shakes her head when Logan excuses himself and starts making-out with the girl.

Goodbye Zoey?: Part 1

  • Quinn frustratedly scrunches up a piece paper into a ball and throws it at Logan's face when he tactlessly asks Zoey if he can have her Jet X if she leaves. Quinn probably would've physically hit Logan instead (like Michael and Lola did), had she have been sitting next to/near him instead of sitting across from him.
  • She also calls him obnoxious just before she throws the paper ball at him.
  • Quinn and Logan both attempt to shoot down Michael and Lola's reasons why Zoey shouldn't go to England and defend Zoey's decision of perhaps wanting to move to England.
  • They are both understanding of Zoey possibly wanting to go to Covington Prep and they both offer up their own points of why it could be good idea for her to possibly accept the offer.
  • Michael and Lola are very narrow-minded about the situation whereas Quinn and Logan both act open minded and mature about the situation.
  • Quinn and Logan also try to explain to Michael and Lola that it's not that Zoey wants to leave PCA, she's just being offered an opportunity to study in London. 
  • Quinn and Logan are sitting next to each other at the lunch table in the scene where Zoey tells the gang that she's decided that she's going to go to England.
  • When Lola, Quinn, Michael and Logan enter the dorm room to talk about how to stop Zoey from moving to England, Quinn lightly shoves Logan's back as they all rush into the dorm room.
  • When Quinn asks where Chase is, Logan is the one that answers her and tells her that Chase said he was "busy".
  • When Michael and Lola blame the two of them for making Zoey want to move because of the good points they brought up to her about moving to Covington and England earlier, Quinn and Logan say that they really didn't want Zoey to leave PCA.
  • When Logan says that he doesn't want Zoey to leave (PCA), Quinn viciously asks him, "Oh, since when?!".
  • Logan replies by cockily saying, "Zoey needs to stay at PCA... 'Cause the day's gonna come when she realises; she wants to make out with me!".
  • When Logan says this, Quinn groans in frustration and angrily storms away from him and starts pacing around the room again. This could be seen as a possible sign of jealousy from Quinn because she doesn't want Logan to be showing romantic interest in Zoey.
  • Lola then tells Logan that that day will come, "When a piano falls on her (Zoey's) head!". Logan replies by arrogantly telling Lola that, "You're gonna want me one day too!". When he says this Quinn comes back to the group and distraughtly yells at him saying, "Look stop playing!". This could be seen as another sign of jealousy from Quinn, as Logan has now stated that he wants to make out with/date both Zoey and Lola, but not her. It could also be seen as Quinn possibly trying to distract Logan's attention from wanting to make out with/date Zoey and Lola, and get his attention onto her.
  • Logan listens to Quinn when she says this and stops messing around and becomes serious about the situation.
  • Many fans believe that the reason why Logan only tried to flirt with/show romantic interest in both Zoey and Lola, but not Quinn, was because he was using Zoey and Lola as a cover-up to possibly hide his true (romantic) feelings for Quinn.
  • When Michael says that they should let Zoey move to England and go to school in Covington if she really wants to, Quinn and Logan (and Lola) outrageously exclaim in protest.
  • When Logan states that he has a perfect nose whilst checking himself out in the mirror, Quinn gives him a look of annoyance and disbelief. This is ironic as in the next season when Quinn and Logan start secretly dating, Quinn at one point tells Logan that he has "the cutest" nose.
  • In the scene when Zoey is saying goodbye to everyone, Logan uncharacteristically tells Zoey to take care of herself and hugs her and you can see Quinn smile at his unusually sweet behavior to Lola in the background. She continues smiling as she and Lola walk up to say their goodbyes to Zoey.

Goodbye Zoey?: Part 2

  • Logan accidentally serves the volleyball into Mark's face, knocking him down and giving him a nosebleed. When Quinn starts to panic and worry over Mark, Logan immediately runs up and helps Michael carry Mark off the court and onto the side bench, even tossing him a rag afterwards to wipe up the blood from his nosebleed. Logan normally wouldn't have even cared about injuring Mark, let alone try to help him afterwards. So it is possible that he felt guilty about the whole thing after seeing Quinn's distraught reaction to Mark's injury and decided to help Mark just to make Quinn stop worrying.
  • Quinn doesn't say anything about Logan accidentally hitting Mark in the face with the ball and doesn't yell at him or try to blame him even once for injuring her boyfriend.
  • When Chase walks up to the gang at volleyball court with Gretchen in tow, Logan and Quinn share a confused glance and Logan looks at her when he asks, "Who's that with him?".
  • Logan tells Quinn, "Heads up!", before serving the volleyball towards her and she then successfully 'digs' the ball back to his side of the net.
  • When Gretchen hits the ball into Mark's face when he's lying on the sidelines nursing his nosebleed and Quinn worriedly rushes to help him, Logan looks the most concerned for them, whereas Lola and Michael just looked shocked and Chase tries (and fails) to make the situation lighthearted.
  • Quinn and Logan sit directly opposite to one another and are facing each other at the lunch table.
  • Logan shares a disgusted glance with Michael when he watches Gretchen rudely take Quinn's apple off her lunch tray and have a bite out of it before putting it back down on the tray.
  • When Quinn asks if all of them together should go and have an intervention with Chase about Gretchen, Logan shakes his head at her as Michael tells her, "Nah, I think me and Logan should do it alone. It could get ugly.".
  • Logan (and Michael) don't want Quinn (and Lola) to be involved with the intervention because they're worried for the girls' safety.
  • When Quinn states that Gretchen left gum on her apple, Logan looks disgusted for her and shakes his head and drops his food back on his tray as if he's lost his appetite.

Season 4

Trading Places

  • The episode opens with Logan and Quinn playing a casual game of basketball (along with Lola and Michael).
  • Quinn turns around just in time to see Logan shoot the basketball through the hoop and score.
  • She continues to watch him as he boasts to her and Lola that he and Michael are winning by 26 to 0.
  • Quinn then disinterestedly flips her hair as she watches Logan dribble away with the ball whilst sarcastically telling him, "Congratulations.".
  • From the tone of her voice she doesn't seem too bothered by the fact that Logan (and Michael) are beating her (and Lola) in the game, nor does she seem annoyed by his usual boasting and insulting of her basketball skills.
  • Logan seems to be a lot less insulting towards Quinn and her basketball skills then he would have been in earlier seasons. This is probably due the events that happened in the episode Chase's Girlfriend; where Logan insulted and talked down to Quinn about her basketball skills and she ended up proving him wrong whilst publicly humiliating him in the process.
  • When Michael gives Quinn and Lola a heads up as he's about to shoot, you can see Logan looking at Quinn from behind him.
  • Quinn and Lola state that they didn't want to play basketball with Logan and Michael in the first place. This means that Logan (and Michael) must have said or done something that ended up convincing Quinn (and Lola) to play with them. It also proves that it was Logan (and Michael) that wanted to play basketball with Quinn (and Lola) in the first place.
  • When Logan tells the girls to "Try to stop him (Michael) from scoring.", you see him glance at Quinn, almost as if he's directing the comment to her specifically.
  • When Lola and Quinn attack Michael from behind to stop him from scoring, you can see Logan taking a couple of cautious steps towards Quinn. Almost as if he's getting ready to pull her back if the scuffle gets to rough.
  • When Logan tells Quinn, Lola and Michael; "Let's forget this!" (the basketball game), you can see Quinn look in his direction, then flipping her hair and sighing in exasperation or relief. This could be seen as Quinn either sighing because of Logan's typical attitude, because she's glad that he's declared the game as over, or because she's disappointed that he's given up so early and they can't continue spending more time together playing basketball.
  • Logan and Michael then declare that they're going to go and get some 'meatless tacos'. Quinn then states that "Those boys are obsessed with meatless tacos!". This shows that she pays attention to and knows/notices things like Logan (and Michael) being obsessed with certain things.
  • When Quinn and Lola burst into the boys dorm room to warn them about Zoey looking for Chase, the first thing they both notice is the loud, remote controlled helicopter. Quinn exclaims, "What is that!?" and Logan immediately replies by grinning at her exclaiming, "Helicopter!" and pointing at it to answer her question.
  • Quinn is then seen frustratedly rolling her eyes at him in exasperation at his childish antics.
  • When Lola crashes the helicopter into the roof both Quinn and Logan appear to be the most shocked.
  • Quinn's eyes dart to Logan, in shock, numerous times as he states that, "That helicopter cost 4,000 dollars.". She then rolls her eyes at him at the end of his sentence and exclaims to him that, "Zoey's back!". It is important to note that she almost looks sorry for Logan after the demolition of his toy helicopter, before she remembers to alert him and Michael of Zoey's return.
  • When Quinn tells Logan that Zoey's on the way to the boys dorm room to talk to Chase, Logan then asks her, "Well what are we s'posed to...", before being cut off by Mark entering the room.
  • Logan can be seen glancing between Quinn and Mark several times as they converse about how his stalling of Zoey went.
  • When Mark runs out the room after confessing that he failed to stall Zoey for long, you can see Logan scoff at him and when Lola remarks, "Yeah, good call dating him (Mark)!", you can see Logan briefly and slightly smirk in agreement to the statement. This could be seen as a sign that Logan dislikes/disapproves of Quinn dating Mark and would prefer that she be with somebody else.
  • When Logan tells Quinn and Lola, "You're her roommates! You guys tell her!", Quinn immediately responds with, "No way!", whilst giving him a look of distaste.
  • When Lola and Quinn try to run out of the boys' dorm room, Logan and Michael physically try to pull them back in; with Michael grabbing Lola and Logan grabbing Quinn.
  • It appears as if Logan was initially intending on grabbing Quinn from around the waist to pull her back in, but when he misses he ends up grabbing hold of her left leg instead.
  • Quinn then turns around and proceeds to lightly slap him a couple of times of the shoulder whilst telling him to let go of her.
  • He playfully slaps her back a couple of times and then grabs and secures her leg around his torso whilst trying to pull her back into the room again, as she tries to open and escape out of the window. She continues to squeal and yell at him to let her go whilst he yells back at her, protesting against her leaving the room. They remain in this scuffle for a few more seconds, before they are interrupted by Zoey knocking on the dorm room door.
  • When Zoey knocks on the door; Quinn, Logan, Lola and Michael stop their brawling and all turn to look at the door; alarmed. When Quinn turns around she quickly and suddenly grabs onto Logan's back with her left arm for support. When this happens, his eyes briefly dart up to look at her; almost as if to make sure that she's okay and won't fall, before turning his attention back onto Zoey's incessant knocking.
  • After Zoey knocks on the door the third time and Quinn, Lola, Michael and Logan all look at each other in alarm, they internally communicate with each other what to do. Logan shoves Quinn behind the couch whilst Michael does the same thing to Lola. The two boys then proceed to open the door for Zoey.
    • It may also be important to note that Logan and Quinn are standing very close to each other in this part of the scene.
  • Quinn (and Lola) look very alarmed and worried for Logan (and Michael) when greet Zoey.
  • When Zoey tells Quinn and Lola to come out from hiding behind the couch, Logan can be seen smirking and shaking his head at them in the background. Although this can also be interpreted as him only smirking and shaking his head at Quinn.
  • When Michael tells the gang that Chase is requesting a video-chat, Quinn turns around and she and Logan exchange a confused look and shrug at each other.
  • Zoey tells the gang to get out of the room so she can chat with Chase privately, Logan opens the door and is the first to exit. Then the rest of then gang rush out after him. When this happens Quinn makes a move as if she is going to exit right behind Logan, before getting cut off in line by Lola. She then gives Lola a slight shove on the way out, almost as if she's trying to push Lola out of the way to get to Logan.

Fake Roommate

Alone at PCA

Rumor of Love

  • When Logan states that the housing office lady made him and Michael get rid of their hot tub, Quinn raises her eyebrows at him as if to say, "Seriously?", in a scoffing tone.
  • Quinn then tries to cheer Logan (and Michael) up by saying that they might like their new roommate.
  • Logan says, "Hey", to the girls when they walk in, right after Quinn raps the door and says, "Kno-knockity-knock!".
  • Quinn is looking in Logan's direction when Zoey asks, "We wanted to know if you guys wanted to play some..." before seeing James and trailing off.
  • Logan rolls his eyes when he sees that the girls, including Quinn, are infatuated with James and immediately stands up and asks, "Why are you guys here?", to get their attention.
  • Quinn eventually answers his question by saying, "Basketball.", and breaking her gaze at James to look directly at Logan. Zoey and Lola both could not and did not pull their gaze away from James to look at Logan and/or Michael at even one point that scene.
  • After Logan irritatedly asks, "What's wrong with you guys?", Quinn is the most tense when replies to him by curiously asking, "Why?".
  • Quinn smirks at Logan when he realises that the girls outside the window aren't staring at him, but at James.
  • After the James leaves with the girls, including Quinn, to play basketball, Logan venomously says, "I hate him (James)!".
  • Logan seems to be a lot more jealous of how James is getting Quinn's (and Zoey and Lola's) attention than Michael is.
  • Quinn helps Zoey, Lola and James get revenge on Logan for starting the rumor.
  • Quinn is seen smirking multiple times at Logan's unfortunate situation when they're carrying out their revenge plan to get Logan to admit he started the rumor.
  • When Logan's sticks his head out from behind the shower curtain to admit he started the rumor, Quinn immediately turns around to face him.
  • After the shower turns boiling hot and Logan starts screaming in pain, Quinn starts laughing giddily and claps her hands together in satisfaction.

Anger Management

  • Quinn was the one that made the Paint Grenade that Zoey, James and Dustin used on Logan.
  • Zoey said that Quinn said that the Paint Grenade was "totally safe" and wouldn't physically hurt Logan in any way. Presumably, Zoey asked Quinn beforehand if they could use the Paint Grenade on Logan. So it is possible that Quinn could've made sure that it was safe, before they used it on Logan, because she knew they were going to use it on Logan.

Quinn Misses The Mark

  • Logan sees Quinn crying on the bench so he sits down and asks her what's wrong.
  • She makes a snotty remark saying he wouldn't care and he looked hurt.
  • She told him Mark broke up with her.
  • Logan starts to talk about how "hot" Mark's new girlfriend is but stops when he sees how sad Quinn is.
  • He tells her that he hates Mark, because Mark is an idiot for breaking up with her.
  • He tells her that she is weird, and she looks offended, but he also says she's smart, pretty, and kind of fun. And that it's Mark's loss for breaking up with her.
  • They both look at each other for a while and then kiss.
  • They are interrupted by Michael and Zoey riding by on a horse.
  • They pull apart and declare that it's the weirdest day ever.
  • They each move to opposite sides of the bench, uncomfortably.
  • They kept sneaking looks at one another.


  • They are both crouching together behind a wall looking at one another.
  • Logan tells Quinn she has the prettiest eyes.
  • Quinn giggles and tells him that he has the cutest nose.
  • Logan laughing tells her that he knows.
  • They eskimo kiss (rub the tips of their noses together).
  • Logan stops which upsets Quinn.
  • He tells her that 'this is insane' them as a couple and Quinn reluctantly agrees.
  • They agree that it's wrong and that they should forget anything ever happened.
  • Quinn starts to head off to class when Logan asks for one more eskimo kiss.
  • They eskimo kiss, and smile.
  • While they are in the boys' dorm asking Michael, they stand next to each other, and look at each other a lot.
  • Logan and Quinn are kissing and having a picnic behind bushes.
  • Quinn tells him that they aren't doing a very good job at ending the relationship.
  • Logan agrees but tells her that he isn't sure if he wants to end it.
  • Quinn tells him that if neither of them want to end it then they're... dating.
  • They both seem a little awkward about it, especially Logan.
  • Quinn tells him to tell her what's bothering him, against his will, by saying "No telling, no kissing."
  • He tells her that he's embarrassed to be dating her and Quinn agrees.
  • They agree to keep their relationship a secret.
  • They hug just as Michael comes up.
  • They act awkwardly and pretend to be normal.
  • After he leaves they worry if he knows that they are together.
  • They pretend to have a fight, but Michael declares they're acting like an 'old married couple' they both deny that they're a couple.
  • They then leave at the same time saying "I HATE YOU!" "I HATE YOU MORE!" leaving a confused Micheal sitting alone at the table.
  • When they meet after Michael says they are acting like an old married couple Logan asks Quinn to make out and she says yes.
  • Later, they ask him if he knows that they are dating and the two keep sneaking looks at each other.
  • He tells them he does know... that they're planning a surprise party for him.
  • They are relieved and go along with it.

Vince is Back

  • Logan calls Lola's pickle-fry idea lame, and she calls him dumb. Quinn yells at Lola to leave him alone.
  • Logan slowly shakes his head, signaling for Quinn not to.
  • All their friends are confused about why she's sticking up for him.
  • Quinn awkwardly says she isn't and mumbles "stupid Logan."
  • Logan smirks at her, and she smiles and eats a chip.
  • When Michael runs and falls in front of the group, Zoey, Lola, James, Logan and Quinn go to him to see if he's okay. You can see Quinn lean on Logan and her hand is on his shoulder. They are very close.
  • When Logan and Michael are ranting to the girls that Vince is back, they remind them that Mark was beat up too.
  • Quinn, annoyed, says that Mark deserved it, Lola tells her that was mean because he was her boyfriend.
  • Logan angrily/jealously yells that he isn't anymore.
  • Quinn signals for him to cool it.
  • Logan catches himself and then says "well, he isn't."

Dinner For Two Many

  • Logan and Quinn are slow-dancing in a janitor's closet.
  • Logan brought Quinn a rose.
  • Quinn is upset that they have to sneak around.
  • Logan offers to take her to Vacarro's (an expensive, romantic, fancy restaurant near PCA) for dinner that night.
  • Quinn seems really touched that he would spend so much money on her, just for her.
  • He tells her that he doesn't care how expensive it is.
  • At the restaurant they ordered 5 lobsters, and they look really happy.
  • Logan hides under the table when he sees James and Zoey.
  • He passes Quinn a note.
  • He tells her to create a commotion so he can run out, but the plan fails.
  • Zoey, James, Quinn, and Logan end up eating together.
  • Michael and Lola interrupt their "dates".
  • Quinn and Logan seem upset that their date was ruined.

Coffee Cart Ban

  • When Logan sees the girls, he waves, and Quinn waves back excitedly.
  • When the girls hear about the high prices, Quinn takes Logan aside and talks to him privately.

The conversation goes like this:
Quinn: You're not going to charge me, are you baby?
Logan: Yeah I am.
Quinn: But... we're boyfriend and girlfriend!
Logan: I know... But business is business!

  • He then smiles and leaves to talk to another customer, leaving Quinn confused and annoyed.
  • When Lola takes Quinn's zap watch and zaps Logan repeatedly, Quinn seems annoyed and says that she can stop zapping Logan.

Roller Coaster

  • Quinn and Logan do not physically interact with each other in this episode. However, as this episode takes place in between Coffee Cart Ban and Chasing Zoey, we can assume that they are still secretly dating throughout the time in which the episode takes place.

Chasing Zoey

  • Both Quinn and Logan decide to take other people to prom, not to arouse suspicion that they are dating.
  • Quinn does not approve of Logan's date.
  • Even though they are irritated with one another, Logan asks if she wants to make-out. Quinn angrily says yes. They run off laughing together.
  • Logan shows Quinn a pretty girl as a choice for a prom date. She tells him that if he goes with her she'll go with "Shirtless Dave". Instead, he points out two twins that he wants to take to the prom. Quinn smacks him.
  • Logan reluctantly asks Stacey to the prom. Quinn has to ask Dustin to the prom.
  • Quinn asks if her dress is ok *hinting she wants Logan to think she looks good*.
  • At the prom, Quinn and Logan complain about their dates. Quinn suggests that they should have just gone together.  Logan reminds her that if they come together, people will know that they like each other.
  • Logan promises her that sometime that night they will have a chance to sneak off and be together. Quinn smiles and tells him that she likes him. He looks like he wants to say something, but Stacey comes and asks him what he's doing. Quinn and Logan cover their tracks by insulting one another, just like this: Logan: I was just telling Quinn how much I don't like her. Quinn: Yes, you're such a jerk. However, Quinn looks sad when Stacey pulls Logan away.
  • Both Logan and Quinn look awkward with their dates.
  • Logan was horrified when Stacey kissed him. When Stacey asked why Logan didn't want to kiss her, he yelled out loud "Because, I LOVE QUINN!"
  • Quogan-logan-and-quinn-4938937-704-396

    At the PROM

    Quinn looks shocked about this.
  • Even though people are starting to make fun of Logan, he admits it again, announcing "I LOVE QUINN PENSKY!" Quinn, extremely happy, replies yelling "AND I LOVE LOGAN REESE!" They both run into each other's arms and kiss romantically.
  • Both appear to be very happy that Chase is back from London.
  • At the end of the episode, they are seen goofing off and dancing with Zoey, Chase, Michael, Lisa, Vince, and Lola.

Episodes with a Quinn/Logan plot or subplot

Bad Girl

Logan (and Michael) get sprayed by a skunk and ask Quinn for help. Quinn gets them a spray that's supposed to get rid of skunk smell. Unfortunately, it also makes clothing discintegrate, causing Logan (and Michael) to run around the campus only in garbage bags.

Chase's Girlfriend

Quinn helps Logan with his free throws in basketball, but tricks him into doing stupid and embarrassing stuff as revenge for him calling her a spaz.

Dance Contest

Logan, Quinn (and Michael) compete to try and be Customer of the Week at the Coffee Cart so they can get free coffee and butting in line privileges.

Quinn Misses the Mark

Quinn and Mark agree to stop dating for a while, but Quinn sees him with a girl named Brooke, and is upset. She decides to start a new look to get Mark back. She begins to change her hairstyle, clothes, and makeup. Quinn's plans don't seem to go the right way, but she gets attention from other guys. Mark reveals that the reason he dates Brooke is because he likes her the way she is, not the way she wears things. The overall episode plot leads Quinn is comforted by Logan and they end up kissing for the first time.


Quinn and Logan start dating privately, and they have to convince everyone, especially Michael, who may have seen them hugging, that they still hate each other.

Dinner For Two Many

Quinn hates having to sneak around when spending time with Logan, and they plan a romantic dinner as their first official date. They also decide to go to Vaccaro, thinking that no-one else at PCA could afford the food there.

Chasing Zoey

Quinn and Logan decide to choose each other’s dates and pair each other up with Dustin and Stacey respectively, so to not arouse any suspicion of them dating. At the prom, their relationship is revealed when Stacey tries to kiss Logan. He unthinkingly declares he doesn't want to kiss Stacey, which leads to Logan and Quinn confessing their love for each other for the first time as well as their first kiss in public.


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