The Ridgeway Disc Golf team consists of five criminal members they are only seen in the 11th episode of the series Disc Golf when Zoey and the gang want to get out of running laps at gym and being yelled at by their teacher who is just sitting down reading an itchy rich comic book, so they go to Dean Rivers and he says that Disc Golf will be an official Pacific Coast Academy sport, but the gang has a problem they have 10 days to win 1 game and their only good players are Michael, Logan, Chase, Zoey, and Dana, because Nicole is what she would say "suckish" so Zoey ends up benching her and it gets to the point where P.C.A is in a position where they have to get the disc in the hole in three shots or less to win which would be done easily by Zoey who was up, but she felt bad for benching Nicole and faked an arm injury so Nicole can play but Nicole's throw was so bad that the ridgeway team went to get her disc and made a run for it, causing the P.C.A team to win, and they celebrated with Sushi Rox.

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