The sonic neural neutralizer is an object invented by Quinn Pensky. It is featured in the episode Prank Week. It is a device that when activated, sends out a wave that renders anyone under its blast unconscious.


Quinn used the object three times, the first two being unsuccessful.

Trial One

The first time Quinn used it was when she tried to get revenge on the boys for attacking the Girls Dorm. The girls didn't believe it would work, forcing Quinn to use it on themselves. She activated the neutralizer, sending out the wave. It didn't render anyone unconscious, proving that the girls were right when they said that it wouldn't work.

Trial Two

The second time Quinn used the neutralizer was after the boys set up a goodbye party in the lounge for Zoey. Zoey attempted to tell Quinn it wouldn't work so Quinn wouldn't activate it, but to no avail. She turned on the neutralizer, but it only resulted in a power loss to the lounge and Quinn breaking an object.

Trial Three

The third and last time was when Zoey had just been told by Mr. Bradford that she wouldn't be expelled. Once Logan, Dana, Michael, Zoey, Chase, and Nicole celebrated, Quinn ran up to them to announce she had fixed it. They told her there was no need since nobody would be expelled. Defeated, Quinn threw the sonic neural neutralizer into a trash can and walked away. Once Zoey and the rest of the gang laughed, the timer of the device beeped rapidly in a countdown for seconds, sending a blast that rendered all the students nearby unconscious.