Hi, everyone!

I just wanted to let those of you who still use this wiki know about my current status here. I apologise that my activity has been very minimal lately. I still do my best to check in when I can, but my life has gotten incredibly busy over the past several months. I am back in school, working, and I have a month-long trip to Japan planned at the end of October. I am going to be extremely tied down over the next while, but I have not permanently left this wiki, nor do I intend to. I will be honest in saying that my appearances here over the next few months will continue to be very sporadic, but nonetheless, if anyone needs to reach me, you may still leave a message here and I will gladly get back to you when I am able to.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. I appreciate the efforts everyone has made in editing and keeping the wiki clean during my absence. It's much appreciated.

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