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Zoey & James in Vacarros.

Vacarros (pronounced Vacarro) is a recurring restaurant that appeared in Zoey 101. It is depicted as a classy, fancy restaurant that serves very expensive food. It has appeared in three episodes


Fake Roommate

Vacarros first appeared in Fake Roommate. In the episode, Coco manages to get herself fired from her dorm advisor job, and starts to work as a restroom attendant at the restaurant. It is reavealed that Coco hates jer job there, as she told Zoey to get a hammer and kill her with it. In the end, Coco got hired back at PCA and quit her job at Vacarro.

Dinner For Two Many

In Dinner For Two Many, Zoey and James dine there for a date. They discover that a suspiciously behaving Quinn was there as well. However, things began to take a turn fore the worse when eventually, Logan, Lola, and Michael end up dining there as well, as one big group. Zoey doesn't approve of this, since it was originally supposed to be a date for just her and James. At the end, she got private time with James.


  • In Dinner For Two Many, it's noted an individual lobster costs $100, however this may be an exaggeration