Season 3, Episode 8
Production Information

Adam Weissman


Ethan Banville

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March 4, 2007

Episode Chronology

Michael Loves Lisa


Zoey's Balloon

Wrestling is the eighth episode in Season 3 and the 34th overall episode in the Nickelodeon TV series, Zoey 101. The episode aired on March 1, 2007.


After seeing Zoey stop a fight, the wrestling coach wants Zoey to join the wrestling team. When the days pass, she doesn't get a chance to wrestle anyone. Then later on, she finds out that she might be wrestling in the tournament and facing the undefeated champion, Chuck Javers. Meanwhile, Lola wants to be a reporter on the PCA news.




  • Paul Butcher (Dustin Brooks) did not appear in this episode.
  • This is the third time blood is shown in the show. The first two are Welcome to PCA and The Great Vince Blake
  • Kevin McHale, who would later go on to star in FOX's Glee, appears in this episode as Dooley, a reporter for the PCA news who inadvertently gets replaced by Lola.
  • Some of the wrestlers listed on the board are actually some of Schneider's crew members.


  • Zoey wouldn't be allowed to wrestle Javers in the first place. She would have to be the same weight as him, and it's extremely obvious that she's not.
  • It's a wonder how Dooley managed to unlock the handcuffs from the flagpole he was cuffed to.


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