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Zoey and Nicole complaining.

The Zoey and Nicole relationship (in fandom known as Zicole or Noey) is the pairing of Zoey Brooks and Nicole Bristow. They are best friends and met in the episode Welcome to PCA. They remained friends after the episode Quinn's Alpaca.


  • Although Alexa Nikolas and Jamie Lynn Spears play friends on the show, they became arch-enemies off-screen. They fought constantly during filming of the second season in 2005. The arguments led to Nikolas leaving the show though now it has been revealed they are now best friends.

Pairing terms

  • Zicole (Z/oey + N/icole)
  • Noey (N/icole + Z/oey)

Relationship Moments

Season 1

Welcome to PCA

  • Nicole is the second person Zoey meets after arriving at PCA.
  • Zoey quickly accepted Nicole's excited and bubbly character.
  • When Nicole learns she and Zoey are roommates she imediatly embraces her in a hug.
  • Zoey holds Nicole's arm as they arrive to meet Dana in Room 101.
  • Zoey gave some fashion advice to Nicole about her shirt and even took it upon herself to customise it for her, which Nicole was pleased with.
  • Shortly after meeting, Zoey and Nicole were together more often than with their other roommate Dana.
  • After Zoey made the deal with Logan for the Boys vs. Girls basketball game, Nicole was sticking to Zoey's side from the moment Zoey and Logan first clashed.
  • When Nicole uses the word "suckish" for the first time, Quinn questions if it is a real word. Zoey however doesn't seem to bother about the word being real or not and instantly reasurres Nicole. The two are also seen holding each other comfortingly as the girls return from their first team practice.
  • Zoey and Nicole warm up together before the big game. When Logan insults Nicole for missing a basket, Zoey imediatly defends her by insulting him back.
  • During the game, Nicole gets distracted and begins dancing causing Zoey to grab her shoulders and tell her to focus on the game.
  • When Logan hits Zoey with the ball, Nicole rushes to her aid and gives her a bottle of water and remains close to her on the bench.
  • Nicole is only girl on the team that doesn't want Zoey to play on her own during the game and forces the rest of the team to follow her.
  • Nicole cheers Zoey for her determination during the game.


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