Surprise 14

Rebecca and Zoey meet.

The Zoey and Rebecca conflict (in fandom known as Zebecca or Roey) and in other cases, known as the Zoey and Rebecca rivalry is the pairing of Zoey Brooks and Rebecca. They met when Chase introduced Rebecca as his girlfriend to Zoey, and soon, Rebecca developed a sense of insecurity around Zoey since she heard that Chase used to like her. Rebecca asked Zoey and Chase to end their friendship, but Chase refused, resulting in their break-up. After that, Rebecca came back to avenge Zoey by blackmailing her.



Chase introduced Rebecca to Zoey. Zoey actually didn't mind Rebecca at first. They said hello to each other.

Chase's Girlfriend

Rebecca came into Zoey's room and told her to stay away from Chase. After she left, Zoey started to dislike her.

Zoey's Balloon

Rebecca wanted Zoey to do stuff that will make herself embarrassed. Like wearing a banana costume and dancing on top of a table in front of everyone.

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