FileZoey 101 Video Game cover
Zoey 101 was a mini-game collection video game developed by the Barking Lizards company and released by THQ for GameBoy Advance. It was released in North America on February 26, 2007.


The video game contains mini-games including "Prank-week" and "Disc Golf". Players play mini-games in trios for three semesters (aka levels), with a final game at the end. Players must successfully complete each mini-game, then a dare, and then a final challenge. Dares and challenges are randomly chosen from three games in the level. Players can choose to play Mini-games freely in the main menu.


The video game contains no audio, and was very poorly recieved, with a GameRankings score of 40% based on two reviews. Common criticism was directed at its poor mini-game selection, repetitive soundtrack and use of a complex and dated password system for saved games.


The game was followed by Field Trip Fiasco.

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